Why Us?

We want you to enjoy your time with IFA


We allow you to do any flights that you want to with any aircraft (shhh don't tell anyone that).


You can sumbit your reports via our ACARS program or you can file one manually on our website.

Pilot Community

There is a good community of people on discord ready to assist if you need help.

About IFA

What do we do at IFA?.

At IFA, we want you to have fun whilst flying with us, which is why we allow you to fly any route (you need to ask us to add it if we don't already have it) and do it with any aircraft. If however you want to bring realism into account, we also allow you to do that too. We have a good community on discord full of people willing to help you when necessary. We also fly on VATSIM, which we encourage you to do.

Our Amazing Team

Umar Farooq


Youness Khinit


Martin Hansen


On behalf of everyone at IFA, we would like to welcome you into our virtual airline. If you have any questions, you can contact us on discord :).